Welcome to the Company.
Background Story.

Over 3 years ago, our CEO started an e-commerce business called TarDisk. His vision was to sell a few products to fund tuition while attending Harvard Business School. What he accidentally did was build the next wave of e-commerce tools.

Since incorporating SparkCo, we have built a massive infrastructure to empower companies around the world to sell more. Our data analytics are dope.

Our people

At SparkSales, we thrive on the strengths of our employees. Whether we go to work in a suit or a hard hat, we all stand for the same idea: we work for people. Our families. Our colleagues. Our neighbors. Our partners.

Pierce Schiller


Much like Gandalf, Pierce is CEO at SparkSales. Before graduating from Harvard Business School, Pierce founded a whopping four startups.

Thiago Amaro

Lead Developer

Thiago leads system development efforts focused on outreach, strategic planning and fast outcomes.

Ethan Bower

Web Developer

Ethan is a ninja-level web developer. He is often seen working off the clock to deliver amazing experiences to our customers.

Together, we sell more.