How to Answer a question you Know nothing about

— How to Answer a question you Know nothing about —

As Spark grows taking on more partner websites with new and never before-seen-products, we have run into an expected problem; "How do you Answer a question you know nothing about”. We refer to the solution internally as "verbal jiu jitsu”.

“Verbal jiu jitsu” is around training to understanding the underlying needs of the person asking a question. What are the needs/wants/desires that the customer using that product has at that moment? If you are getting a technical question you know nothing about, before you try to answer it, first determine why is that question being asked at all?  The Verbal jiu jitsu training that our sales agents go through, teaches three take-aways;

  1. 1- Followup a technical question, with a technical question. [If you do not have the answer to a question, simply ask a question about the use application]
  2. 2- Why Now - Understand your customer’s pain-point[s]. [If you do not have the answer to a question, simply ask why they are looking into the product now. ]
  3. 3- Capture email address and Follow up Later. [If you get stuck on a question, simply ask for the customer’s contact info to followup with later. Then transition into one of the two questions above]

For selling TarDisk, this process was a relatively straight forward. TarDisk, which is a Storage upgrade for MacBooks running out of space, provides a straight forward solution to a straight forward paint-point. For all products however, you need to do basic homework first! There are three pre-requisites you must train on before attempting verbal jiu jitsu. Pre-requsits;

  1. 1- Understand the 3-5 pain-point[s] that the product addresses.
  2. 2- Understand the 3-5 pain-point[s] that most customers are experiencing.
  3. 3- Practice how to bridge the gap of the problem and the solution.

The play-by-play of verbal jiu jitsu; Start thinking about why people are asking you questions, and only say something that can help further their goal. If you can not give an answer that further’s their goal, then do not give a  generic non-relevant answer and NEVER give a canned paragraph answer. Instead, ask about the customer’s application. If the customer is asking about a specific technical feature of the product that you have never heard about before (Does this use a SIM card, is it MLC or TLC Flash, What type of Paper is used?), simply respond; "have you had experience with ____ before?" Based on their answer, you can describe how the "product was designed to accomplish ____."   If you give people misinformed or unhelpful answers too often, they'll stop asking you for advice. Talk to them and try to understand why the questions they are asking are being asked, often that is the more important part.

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