Great for Shoppers, Great for Business

Generate Higher AOV


Average Order Value Lift

SparkSales gives your customers more buying confidence- by enabling them to ask questions and learn about your products in real time. Our partners see an AOV lift of 75%

Grow Revenue per Visitor


Increase in revenue per visitor

With SparkSales on your site, more people buy, and they buy more. In A/B tests with a sample of out partners, revenue per visitor increased

Increase Conversion


Conversion lift

SparkSales reduces buyer friction and centers your items within the minds of customers. In 3rd party A/B tests, across a sample of our partners, conversion increased by up to 200%

Deliver a Better Experience


Net Promoter Score

SparkSales adds transparency, easy of use, and optomization to your website - and your customers will love it. We increase your NPS score on average by 7.3 points.

Give Your Website Superpowers

Bring the power of Augmented Intelligence and a human sales team, to the most important part of your business: your customer relationships.

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The Spark Engine

SparkSales runs on our sales acceleration platform, built around a proprietary multi-tiered predictive analytics engine. We processes massive and complex data sets in order to produce simple insights that empower your SparkSales team to close more deals for you.

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Seamless Integration, On Your Platform

By design, it's easy to connect SparkSales to all of the tools you're already using. We don't want to change how you work - we just want to be a part of it.

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Zero Risk Model

Agents earn comissions only on those sales they help close, making your sales team risk-free.

No Subscription fees

We're serious about the value we add. No monthy subscriptions, nor hidden costs.

We're on your side

Your customers demand quick answers. When we don't know the answer to a question, we find out. Contact us.

Prospect Scoring: Understand Who will Engage and Close

Not all hours of the day are created equal for making sales just as not all sales agents are the right fit for every product. We analyze and leverage global sales data and your customer's unique interactions to appropriately match your products with the best agent for the job. We quantify the value of your leads to ensure high performing sales agents are rewarded while others are quickly replaced to maximize the potential of your website.

Consistent Brand Image

By partnering with us, you can be sure your customers will be handled consistently from franchise to franchise. We'll build your franchisee accounts according to your guidelines and help maintain your brand standards across your organization.

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