Frequently Asked Questions

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Lost your password?

It happens to the best of us. It's really easy to reset your password with SparkSales, just go to our password reset page. Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

Want to become a partner?

We have a great partner program. Share your success by referring new customers to us can earn you 25% of whatever your referral spends with SparkSales. Find out more on our partners page.

How are commission calculated?

Transactions where an agent interacted with a customer before that sale was made, will earn a commission. In most cases, the commission is earned only on the final transaction amount at the end of checkout, and not on re-occuring purchases.

Will I pay a commission for every order on my website?

No, absolutely not. commissions are only earned on orders where a sales agent contributed.

What is the baseline commission?

All Clients join the platform offering a baseline 15% comission to sales Agents. After the initial onboarding period, partners are welcomed to increase the comissions being offered.

Can Commission % be changed?

Yes, clients are welcomed to change commission percentages based on their experiences after their three month onboarding period has ended.

What is a Sales Manager?

Each client is paired with an expert Sales Manager who is responsible for coordinating with the Client, learning the product and training others, and building out our internal database and tools.

Is this a Customer Service tool?

No. Agents will often help answer simple support questions, but the majority of the time will direct support inquiruies into your existing support channels.

Where can I download the Sales-Engine plugin?

Sales Agents should access the Spark Sales-Engine plugin on the Google Chrome Store.

What e-commerce platforms are supported?

SparkSales natively supports all major e-commerce platforms including; Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

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Tell us what you're looking for, we'll make a solution for it. Contact us!

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