Seamless Integration

No sales skills needed. You maintain complete control over the customer pipeline, from timing to process. We learn your products, your process and integrate with your existing systems.

Free for everyone

Pay only if you sell more. Expert sales agents work on a comission basis. Spiffs, surge pricing and gamified metrics run in the backend to encourage top-performers, but you only pay when you see results. Our sales team brings the world to your business.

Instantly sell more

No bedtimes to impede revenue. Your sales team works for you around the globe. Convert the clients you are not able to reach otherwise. We have a domestically trained network, ready to grow your business while you sleep.

“SparkSales is better than any other platform we’ve played with, and we’ve played with them all.”

Everyone who has joined


Easily observe and track where your customers are coming from. Gain info on specific trends while our team of sales representatives creatively engage customers with a human touch.

Collect feedback automatically to help your business expand and grow. Discover new markets, develop new customer relations, and expand your scope of sales.

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Get straight to growing your business

When we say it’s never been easier to double your conversion rates, we meant it. SparkSales handles everything from learning your product, to training your new sales team and increasing your revenue. Now you can focus on the things you love. Never again should a great company fail because of a lack of sales. Investing in Bitcoin stocks will give a substantial support to your business. Try out this crypto bank plattform test prior to employing the bot.